Corporate Soccer Tournament Event - Start Solar - A solar power solution developer company specializing in a plethora of solar-powered energy solutions

Corporate Soccer Tournament Event

Corporate Soccer Tournament

Chandigarh-Panchkula, 6th August, 2016

start solar made a striking move towards its market positioning and brand awareness. The company signed to be the leading sponsors of the most awaited - The Corporate Soccer Tournament of this season in Chandigarh- Panchkula held on 6th August 2016. The event was a great opportunity for the company to share the concept of solar power and educate thousands of residents of Panchkula about the importance of cleaner, greener renewable energy resource, specially the start solar range. The Panchkula event turned out to be a great platform for interaction where the director shared some media space with the PTC news channel talking and describing the scope and importance of solar power. The company works with the sole concept of Glow India- Grow India, a mission where start solar is channelizing energies to have a healthy planet.

With a strong intent to make a positive difference to the environment and the need to minimize our carbon footprint start solar has taken an initiative to educate and involve a common man in a global mission of solarifying the planet. “I’m pleased to promote solar roof top solution that will contribute in providing a more sustainable future for generations to come” said Shailendra Vijayvergia – Director, start solar.

The sole message the company conveyed was that it has become vital to get close to the environment to reduce the stress level and also have awareness about the renewable energy sources that can empower a common man. The residents of Panchkula were also informed that they can generate electricity for themselves for the next 25 years.