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    • Start Solar team is allowed to call me even if it is registered under NCPR

    Solar Benefits

    Solar Energy

    Clean energy
    Cost efficient energy
    Reduces the operating costs
    Save the environment
    Renewable source
    Low maintenance
    Easy installation
    Solar is a secure investment

    Why Start Solar

    Start Solar India has strong alliances with government agencies, banks and other agencies to provide loans and easy instalment schemes for those who may need this assistance. Our experts will manage the paperwork and any other aspects on your behalf, guaranteeing you peace of mind and access to clean and renewable energy.

    Dedicated Support Line

    Dedicated Support Line

    Dedicated Support Line

    Priority Response

    Dedicated Support Line

    Performance Warranty

    Dedicated Support Line

    Quality Manufacturer

    How does Solar Work

    Step-1 The solar panels convert sunlight into electric energy, which is Direct Current (DC). This current is then sent to an inverter.

    Step-2 The inverter converts this DC to Alternating Current (AC) since households are only equipped to use AC. The grid tied inverter additionally regulates the amount and voltage of electricity fed to the household since all the power generated is mostly much more than a home needs or can handle.

    Step-3 This ‘converted’ power supply is then used by homes through the main electricity distribution panel. Your home now has access to clean and green electricity, which makes you a contributor towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

    Solar system working

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      • Start Solar team is allowed to call me even if it is registered under NCPR

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