Samadhan Divas - Start Solar - A solar power solution developer company specializing in a plethora of solar-powered energy solutions

Samadhan Divas

Faridabad, 11th August, 2016

start solar took an initiative to be a part of the one of the most prestigious event Samadhan Divas organized by IamSMEofIndia at Faridabad on 11th August 2016. The underlying concept of the event was facilitating various companies to provide diversified solutions under one roof. It was a great platform for start solar not only to interact with and get acquainted to other corporate entities but also introduce the concept and benefits of solar power. The event emphasized on the concept of healthy business ecosystem where different business entities help and grow along with each other.

start solar was there to promote and support one of the main agenda’s of the event, the concept of 4E “End to End Energy Efficiency (Zero Defect- Zero Effect- Sustainable MSMEs). The company is solely working with a mission statement of Glow India – Grow India where it clearly emphasizes on the renewable energy resources.

Here start solar showcased its technical expertise with more than 6 years of experience as an EPC company in international market. The representatives of start solar educated the visitors about various benefits of renewable energy resources that can empower an individual to generate and save his/her own electricity for the coming 25 years. The event not only created brand awareness but also helped the other participants get acquainted to the concept of using solar energy for reasonable power resource for their individual manufacturing and other business setups.

start solar also informed its audience about the easy finance options available for the installation of rooftop solutions and the ways of saving both money and electricity through the concept of net metering. The event was a great platform for start solar to highlight renewable energy benefits and setting it up as an emerging brand in renewable energy resource provider in India.